Winter is a dull and dreary time of year for most lawns. Many plants are dormant and do not produce much color to liven up your landscape. However, there are a few winter gems that are worth considering if you want to add some color and life to your winter lawn.



The Laten Rose

  • Botanical name: Helleborus Orientalis
  • Flowers in the later Winter/early Spring
  • Comes in a variety of colors including: White, Pink, & Purple
  • Serves as wonderful ground cover when not in bloom
  • Shade loving plant (which is rare for a perennial)
  • Deer Proof (for the most part)


Dapne Odora

Daphne Odora

  • Flowers in January and February with a showy pink & white bloom
  • Likes shady corners (a spot that most plants do not thrive in)
  • Easy to grow in well shaded area with properly drained soil
  • And the best part- it smells great! Has a similar fragrance to gardenia or honeysuckle!


If you’ve noticed your lawn has been lacking this winter. Consider the Daphne Odora or Laten Rose for next winter and put a stop to dreary, bland winters!